March 18, 2016



All Camp ENERGY volunteers who have direct contact with children because they provide care, supervision, guidance, or who have routine interaction with children are required to have the following clearances. You will be required to obtain your own clearances and submit them to Camp ENERGY before camp.

* If you have been a resident of PA for 10 years, you may be exempt from this clearance. To use the exemption, at camp you will sign an affidavit to swear/affirm that you are not disqualified from service based upon a conviction of an offense under #6344. If you have not been a resident of PA for 10 years, you must complete this clearance.


Q: How long are my clearances valid?
A: 5 Years.

Q: What if I went to college outside of PA?
A: Going away to college does not constitute living out of state.

Q: How much do the clearances cost?
A: Clearances are free of charge for volunteers. If you are asked to pay for the FBI Background check, please send us the receipt and we will reimburse you.

Q: What if I don’t live in PA?
A: Out of state volunteers are welcome for the one week camp if they provide clearance from their state or country of residence. All out-of-state volunteers are required to obtain an FBI clearance.

Q: How do I send Camp ENERGY my clearances?
A: Clearances must be received by Camp ENERGY before you attend camp. Please have them uploaded in the application system under supplemental forms by June 1.

Q: What if I had clearances completed for another job?
A: As long as they are within five years of camp, we will accept copies of clearances requested for a different function.